Where do Chatbots Fit in the Digital Agency Sales Funnel?
Chatbot  -  Sep 09, 2022

As a digital agency, your goal is to guide potential clients through the sales funnel. This visual guide to your potential clients’ journey to conversion follows five basic steps: discovery, interest, appraisal, confirmation and conversion.

A chatbot is a highly effective way to grab attention and demonstrate your services throughout the funnel. Bots can help you stand out from the competition both as a service, acting as a helpful guide through your site and services. If you are offering a chatbot as part of your own packages, this is also a great way to show potential clients what they’re missing out on!

Read on to discover how a helpful chatbot can up your sales game at each stage in the funnel.


The first stage in the funnel is potential clients’ first point of contact with your brand, whether this be via a paid or social ad, word of mouth, or a Google search result. At this stage, businesses have a problem that needs solving, and are searching for an agency that can help them.

Downloadable assets such as white papers, ebooks and guides are a great way to grab attention and position yourself as a thought leader. These are also ideal ways to turn site traffic into quality leads.

Create a friendly bot script that alerts site visitors to the resource, and asks them a few simple questions such as their name, email address, industry and role before sending the download link.


Once they’ve visited the first few sites in their search results, interested parties are likely to look through your website to gain a quick overview of your services and ethos. They may read your “About” page and a few recent blog posts to understand what you can offer them.

First impressions count, so make sure you wow potential clients from the very beginning. Consider triggering a chatbot conversation that will help them through their user journey and get them thinking about how your agency can benefit them.

This conversation could take the form of a quick and conversational quiz to help potential clients find the right services for them. By directing them to the most relevant part of your site to their needs, a bot can ensure increased engagement.


This can be considered the “shortlist stage”, at which informed potential clients weigh your agency up against their other options, digging deeper into your site and those of your competitors.

A chatbot becomes a critical feature at this point, as it’s on hand 24/7 to answer questions and help clients reach a decision. Consider having your helpful bot guide users toward a free trial or demo of your services, so they can see the benefits for themselves and make a fully-informed decision. 

The bot could also help visitors book an appointment to discuss their needs in greater depth. This is a great triage system, connecting the visitors most likely to continue to conversion with human agents.


Once a client has decided they want to work with your business, they may come back with a few final questions before signing on the dotted line. This final stage must be handled delicately to ensure a positive ongoing relationship.

Your helpful bot can hand conversations over to a human agent for this final push. Our live chat feature means agents can view conversations before taking over, ensuring a streamlined service experience. Your bot can even automatically assign chats to groups based on certain keywords, so the best-qualified sales agents can pick up each lead.

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