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Why Chatbot Marketing Should Be Made a Priority In Your Strategies for 2022

Chatbot marketing shouldn’t be a bolt-on or afterthought in your 2022 marketing strategy. It’s an essential tool that uses your knowledge to its best advantage. Here’s why.

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Build the Best Fitting Bot for Your Business

Which use case is the best fit for your business? We’re looking at common use cases and sharing pro-tips to inform bot building, depending on your end goal.

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Spice Up Teaser Messages to Boost Engagement

Boost meaningful engagement on your site with aptly worded teaser messages to hook your audience and pique their interest!

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How much money are you wasting on unqualified leads?

Conversational chatbots can improve the efficiency of your sales team by removing the manual efforts in qualifying leads. 

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Build Personalized Chatbots to Increase Site Leads

Learn how chatbots can be tailored for individuals, to personalize experiences and target the right people!


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A Little More Conversation, A Lot More Action: Conversational Interactions Double Conversion Rates

Thinking about how your bot will “talk” to users is a major consideration in bot strategy. Will users respond to a lengthier bot, or will a streamlined conversation yield more leads? 

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