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Feature 1
Get more leads, faster
Outperforms lead forms and pop-ups by at least 33%. Get your calendar booked up.
Feature 2
24/7 Real-Time Response
Answer questions about products and services 24/7. Add AI and NLP to respond naturally.
Feature 3
Add any script to your bot
If you can code it in JavaScript, you can code it in Instabot. Get unlimited customization.
Feature 4
Your chatbot set up in minutes
Instabot is easy to use, and we’re here to help. We can set up your first chatbot for you too - if there’s something you want, just ask us.
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The most intuitive, customizable
chatbot on the planet
Feature 1
Look no further for an easy but powerful bot
Instabot is a conversion chatbot that understands your users and curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly.
Unmatched customization
Item 1
Intuitive builder
Create bots easily by adding nodes in a visual editor.
Item 2
Rich Media
Embed YouTube videos, vivid images and documents.
Item 3
Customizable UI
Match your brand’s colors, iconography, and fonts with fully custom design options.
Item 4
Set goals throughout the bot
Qualify leads, get alerted, and create segments based on users that reach important conversational milestones, e.g. email capture, meetings booked, etc.
Feature 2
Feature 3
Seamlessly Book Meetings
Visitors can now book meetings straight from your website. Meetings are automatically routed to your sales team’s calendars based on rules you create.

Integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365.
Feature 4
A super powerful bot, made by helpful humans
Instabot is easy to use, and we’re here to help. We can set up your first chatbot for you too - if there’s something you want, just ask us.
Developer: add any script node to your bot.
If you can code it in JS, you can code it in Instabot
Feature 5
Section 5 item 1
Send data collected in the bot to external apps or services, or bring in data from outside systems into the bot.
Section 5 item 2
Script node
Insert your own JavaScript to run custom business logic on data collected from the bot and send it to any external system via API.
Section 5 item 3
Robust library support
Whether it’s jquery or something else, the script node supports it all so that you can migrate your existing code into your bots with minimal effort.
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Pricing grows as you grow. Instabot pricing is based on both features and monthly active users of your bot.
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Monthly Active UsersUp to 10,000/mo
Custom Bot Built by Instabot Team1
Your first Bot or a Bot Ninja. We’ve got you covered
Easily build, launch, and optimize web bots with no technical resources - and make bots sophisticated with AI and natural language processing (NLP). Instabot is the most advanced conversational marketing and experience platform.
Section 8 item 1
on a SaaS platform
Visually build chatbots quickly through an intuitive interface, designed for non-technical people. Conversational marketing made for marketing professionals.
Section 8 item 2
with a snippet of code
Add a code snippet to your site (like Google Analytics) and launch in less than 5 minutes. Control what it says, when it launches & how it looks.
Section 8 item 3
Strengthen + Optimize
Analytics + Feedback
You’ll receive fully transparent analytics, and data that allows you to optimize your bot.
Section 8 item 4
easily with NLP
Gather the data you need to train your chatbot and easily leverage top NLP and machine learning platforms to make advanced, intelligent chatbots.
Customers rave about our support
Section 9 item 1
Grant Murray
Redwood Collections Ltd
I deal with hundreds of IT products, and I am really impressed with Instabot. Amazingly easy to set up our first bot with no previous experience. One-week free trial with no credit card required. No steep learning curve. Instant deployment to our website with a snippet of code. I don't hesitate to recommend good products, and this is certainly one.
Section 9 item 2
Derren Ohanian
Social Sensei
I loved how easy it was to setup the chatbot and manage the workflow. Systems like this can get complicated and Instabot made it easy to create a message tree that performed well. I also like the performance of the Instabot itself from how long it takes to pretend to write a message to its ability to learn your clients’ primary questions and/or direct them to a sales representative.
Section 9 item 3
Lizia O. Santos
City Catt
The UX for setting up a bot is straightforward and provides many options. It's weird, but other providers don't give you the simple option of setting up nodes with multiple questions with the option to the user of responding to multiple options at once, for data collecting purposes. Instabot was the first one we found that gave us this option. If you're looking for a bot provider that allows you to collect payments, schedule appointments and collect valuable data and make an easy and straight forward setup, then look no further. Pricing is also very reasonable! 
Section 9 item 4
Anthony Petecca
Health Street
The intuitive design for the bot designer makes it very easy to get a bot up and running. The support I've gotten from the sales team and tech team has been phenomenal. Another major advantage is pricing. Instabot offers a lot of the services that more expensive venders add in for a cost. The script node offers a lot of customizable power in the bot. 
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