Chatbots for Email & Social Media Marketing

Instabot is a chatbot that can be deployed via URL and can be easily added into your email marketing and social media campaigns. Easily create, launch, and edit your chatbot on the fly and see rich analytics in real-time. 


What is Instabot?

Instabot is a chatbot that can help you increase your email and social media engagement campaigns.

Ask or tell your users anything through your branded chatbot that can be easily deployed via URL.


Interactive Email Marketing

Strengthen your email engagement by adding an interactive Instabot into your email!

Make the most of your email marketing by sending your audience to an Instabot where you can ask them anything. Whether it’s feedback, lead generation, or collecting user preferences, Instabot provides a great way for you to make your email marketing strategies more robust.

Social Media Engagement

Stand out from the crowd of cat memes, GIFs, and emojis!

When 140 characters aren’t enough, Instabot can speak for you. Send your followers and audience an Instabot to engage with and receive valuable and actionable feedback.

Valuable Insights & Analytics

Gain insights beyond your usual email and social media engagement metrics. See full analytics of the chatbots you deploy through your email and social campaigns.

All responses from your audience are saved to each individual user's profile so you have a deeper understanding of your user's needs and their relationship to your brand.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Builder

Build, edit, and launch Instabot in minutes. Our platform was designed to be easy and intuitive, so that even your most junior and non-technical team members can manage your bots.

Customize the logo, colors, and background to match your brand. Our customization features also allow you to decide where on your email and social media you would like to launch Instabot.