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We're so confident that Instabot will increase your conversion and engagement rates, that we're giving you Instabot free for for up to 1,000 monthly active users. Integration is easy and no payment information is required to try it. Pricing starts at $50 a month. For a full price quote, email us at


Let us show you how Instabot can be useful to you. A demo is typically 10-15 minutes. If you don't see a time that works in your schedule, we're happy to work around yours. Just email us at


Once you sign-up we will contact you with your username and password and you can start to begin your bot. 

STEP 1: Sign-Up for an Account

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STEP 2: Build Your Bot

Once we provide your username and password, you can build your bot. It's easy to build, or we're happy to build your first bot for you. Just let us know. Our email address is


STEP 3: Check out our documentation

This will explain how to add Instabot to your website, email, or mobile app. We have a white glove service so we can integrate for you, walk you through each step, or your team can take the instructions and run with it! 



We're happy to jump on a quick call to answer any questions you have. Talk to our bot, or send us an email at


Instabot is free up to 1,000 monthly active users and your first month is free. Pricing starts at $50 a month. We can give you a quote. Just email us at