Conversion Chatbots
for Push Notifications

Instabot is a conversion chatbot that you can add to your existing push notifications. Push notifications become dynamic and interactive.  Let user respond to your push notifications in real-time and direct them through the bot to the right pages in your app. Easily create, launch, and edit your bot on the fly as well as see rich analytics in real-time. Instabot understands users’ needs, provides valuable information, and increases conversions.


Make Your Push Notifications
Dynamic + Interactive

Instabot makes push notifications interactive. As people respond to push messages, they can become much more interactive, answering questions and pushing users to pages within the mobile app. For example, instead of saying, "Check out our New Feature" and dropping users on the homepage,  you can follow up with questions about how the new feature might be most useful and then send them to the best app page. 

Also pull in dynamic content from your inventory or CRM system, so that your push notifications become smarter and more robust. 


Build A Chatbot For Your Push Notification
In Minutes

Our web portal allows you to build, edit and launch conversations in minutes. Our platform was designed to be easy and intuitive, so that even your most junior and non-technical team members can manage your bots. You can also quickly change the look, icons, and colors of the chatbot.

Attach to push notification triggers and make the chatbot seamless within your app. We are push notification platform agnostic, meaning we can attach a chatbot to any platform, such as Urban Airship, Tune, OneSignal, Amazon, and much more.  


Deep Insight About Push Messaging

With Instabot your push messaging is taken to a new level--making your messages more robust and changing based on how your users respond to push messages. More than this, you now have deeper analytics. Not only can you see push open rates, but you'll be able to see preference or demographic data (e.g. there are higher open rates when people have a preference for the color blue, etc.) 

You'll also see full analytics on your bots: chat abandonment, most effective conversations, chatbots affect on conversion rates, A/B message testing, and more.