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New Add On: Text Messaging
Now you can expand how you engage leads and clients with bots and live chat. With Instabot’s text messaging module, you can create captivating and sticky interactions with your customers.
Design and orchestrate all your lead generation, lead qualification, bookings, and customer engagement activities with our intuitive and easy-to-use chatbot builder. Take advantage of flexible pricing with plans for every business size.
Marketing Agencies
Our fully white-labeled solution allows you to deploy and manage chatbot applications for your business clients under your brand umbrella. We offer favorable bulk pricing terms and work hand-in-glove to ensure your successful launch.
Our powerful APIs allow developers to integrate chatbot applications into their product concepts. Talk to us about your vision and our expert technical team can help to make it a reality.
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Streamline your operations and convert more leads.
more leads.
Anytime, on any device. Instabot helps you meet, greet, and convert visitors into customers. Answer all their basic FAQs without requiring staff. Intake leads and capture contact information.
Launch in
20 minutes or less.
Build, integrate, and launch Instabot on your website in 20 minutes or less. With our easy-to-use bot builder and templates, you can engage customers and scale your operations in minutes.
Meet customers
where they are.
Web, mobile, text, or social: Instabot's platform can help you create seamless, engaging conversations with leads. Set up bots on your site, Facebook Messenger, or text so you can convert leads 24/7.
How It Works
Build bots and go live in minutes.
Using our templates and elegant bot builder interface, you can configure bots and launch in minutes. Our expert staff will even help you build your first bot for free!
Launch in minutes with a snippet of code.
With simple integrations to the top website providers, and with instant phone line and text message provisioning, you can have a full omni-channel marketing strategy set up in minutes. You can then control how, when, and where your bots launch!
Analyze, iterate, & optimize and scale your performance.
Instabot's analytics allow you to compare and measure bot performance, make tweaks, and understand performance at every level.
Keep it simple or advance your game.
Instabot's platform scales with your technology needs. While offering a simple, code-free interface; we also have extensive API support and can take on deep customizations. We'll gladly meet you where you are and help ensure your business meets its performance goals, at any stage.
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Benefits of Bots
Capture Customers, Wherever They Are
Unlike other products out there, Instabot is platform agnostic -- we can help you save time and money using the benefits of chatbot technology by engaging customers wherever they want to talk.
Seamlessly Book Appointments
Maximize your time. Instabot’s sophisticated chatbot builder allows your bots to do the grunt work and send referrals only when a human touch is needed. Control your schedule and manage staffing needs
Google Calendar
Office 365
Best-In-Class Client Support
We’ve got technical and client support that’s best in the business. Instabot offers high-touch setup service and a smart and responsive team that's been cited by industry reviewers as best in class. We'll even help you build and deploy your first bot!
Flexible Subscription Pricing and Contracts
Unlike other providers, we don’t require long-term commitments and annual contracts (though you’ll save if you opt into one!). With our 14-day free trial, month-to-month pricing options, and flexible commitments, you can trust that Instabot has your bottom line in mind.
Powerful APIs and
White Label Solutions
Behind our easy-to-use bot builder is a powerful set of APIs and brilliant developer team. Instabot offers white label solutions for marketing agencies and can integrate seamlessly with SaaS platform providers looking to enter the chatbot space.
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Chris Gromek
Hybrid Tech LLC
Instabot is an incredibly useful tool for lead capture. Setup was user-friendly and professionally guided by the Instabot team. Within minutes of launching on our website, we were capturing leads and employment inquiries. I recommend this tool for every business, small and large.
Kevin Ross
Bellhop Technologies LLC
We’re blown away by the Instabot platform/support thus far. You guys are building something truly special and going about it in all the right ways, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to work with you!
Emy Kane
Instabot helped energize our campaigns. With an engagement rate of 30%; it was one of our most effective marketing tactics.
Instabot in Action
Florida’s #1 leak detection service uses Instabot to intake leads, collect customer details, and schedule an intervention.
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Foundation Homes Property Mangement uses Instabot to route visitors to FAQs based on their profile.
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Smithereen Pest Management Services uses Instabot to help visitors get pricing and service details, as well as to capture and qualify leads.
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