About us
We created a powerful product, Instabot, that provides marketers, product owners, and business owners access to bot technology. Instabot allows you to improve user engagement, retention, and conversions. Driven by our passion for understanding users on a deeper level, Instabot allows you to unlock more insights and performance analytics of your business and brand.
Founded in New York by serial entrepreneurs, we’ve used our extensive experience at large firms and small startups to create a unique team whose focus is, above all, creating great products.
dima rakovitsky
Co-Founder & CEO
amy kadomatsu
sergei selin
Co-Founder & CTO
aaron weymouth
zz twany
social responsibility
Since the founding of our company, we've recognized the importance of giving back. There is a common thread among our stories; we've all had individuals who've changed the trajectory of our lives for the better. We hope to do the same and have a positive impact on the lives of others.
In 2013, we became involved with MOUSE, a national non-profit dedicated to developing technology leaders among underserved middle- and high-school students across the U.S. We have mentored students, helped raise significant donations for the organization through our network of generous friends, families and partners, and Amy Kadomatsu, our president, is the Chair of their Board of Directors! We couldn’t be prouder of our affiliation with such an awesome program!
life at instabot
"What is Instabot's culture like?"
Whenever we are asked this question, we wish we could throw a party of dogs, snacks, and agile discussions for each person for them to really experience the Instabot culture. But since that's not possible (yet), we created #LifeAtInstabot to document the everyday moments of our office. Check out the sneak peeks below!
"When the Instabot team isn't doing demos or building products...we're rock climbing! #LifeAtInstabot"
"One of our favorite office dogs is in today! 10 months and he's a puppy no more. Thanks @AtL_4 for bringing Benji in :) #LifeAtInstabot"
"Huge thanks to our interns Karen and Lauren for an awesome job this semester! We're going to miss you! #LifeAtInstabot"