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Instabot forTalent Acquisition
Use Chatbots to Increase Talent Retention, Improve Outreach, and Gain Candidate Feedback Embed a chatbot in your application process to speak to your users. You can add Instabot to websites, emails, in a matter of minutes. Once you've used your chatbots, collect information from candidates and see analytics about what potential candidates wanted to know.
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Simple, Dynamic, Mobile-Friendly Applications
More and more users are accessing your site on their phone. Instabot can turn your desktop form into a mobile-friendly application experience, complete with the ability to upload or link to a resume. Next time you're at a conference, use Instabot to collect pre-qualification information, resumes, and applications. Instabot stores data as people respond, so you can follow-up even if they don't complete the whole application.
Simplify and personalize recruiting by asking different questions of candidates who have more years of experience, or add follow-up questions about special technical skills.
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Enhance Job Board Postings
Embed a chatbot into your job postings so you can explain some of the nuances of the role, answer basic questions, and provide images and videos of your office or people who currently hold the position.
This helps your job posting stand out among the other positions and also excites candidates about the role.
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Gain Valuable Feedback
Get insight into why people did not take your offer so you can better understand the landscape or how to improves processes. Candidates may not feel comfortable sharing their feedback directly with you - a bot gives them a safe, anonymous place to share their thoughts before going to more public online forums.
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