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Grow Your Digital Agency with a White Label Chatbot Platform

Here, we explore how a digital agency would benefit from a white label chatbot platform.

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5 Benefits of Chatbots For Education

The adaptability of chatbots means that they provide a huge number of benefits to education and educators. Here are five of them.

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Inbound Lead Generation: Bots over Forms?

Web forms have been around since 1995, and in many ways have shaped the evolution of the internet.

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Scaling Your Customer Support with Chatbots

Even before the pandemic, it was clear that automation was taking over customer support systems.

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How Chatbots are Helping Healthcare

In the US, doctors spend 16% of their time on administration. This is time that could be spent on patient care, personal development, or life outside of work.

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Why Chatbot Marketing Should Be Made a Priority In Your Strategies for 2022

Chatbot marketing shouldn’t be a bolt-on or afterthought in your 2022 marketing strategy. It’s an essential tool that uses your knowledge to its best advantage. Here’s why.

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