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A Guide to Chatbots and GA4

Chatbot interactions can lead to powerful targeting. Read on to discover how chatbots and Google Analytics can work together to provide deep-dive data direct from your prospects, helping you understand where your campaigns are succeeding and how you can make them work harder.

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The Benefits of a Chatbot for WordPress

Chatbots add an extra dimension to your WordPress site, providing key support and information in an organic, conversational manner. Whether you’re a WordPress newbie or a seasoned professional, discover how an easily-implemented chatbot can change the game for your site.

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How Chatbots and QR Codes Can Rapidly Gain Leads

By linking a QR code to a chatbot microsite, you can combine print media with your digital presence. From receipts and packaging to posters and stickers, QR codes open up new opportunities to start a conversation that converts. Read on to discover how to create your QR-to-chatbot campaign, as well as some creative places to put your codes.

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How Chatbots Help Automate Sales Quotes

In this post, we take a look at the use case of providing prospects with custom product sales quotes, and the many benefits of using chatbots to automate the process.

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Live Chat New Features

We’re delighted to announce that our team of helpful humans have developed shiny new features to further improve live chat. Some of these features are already live, with more to come in future releases.

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5 Benefits of Chatbots For Retailers

Chatbots in the retail industry have the power to be truly transformative. Find out more in this post. 

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