How Chatbots and QR Codes Can Rapidly Gain Leads
Chatbot  -  Jul 01, 2022

The benefits of using chatbots with QR codes

QR codes meet audiences where they are, whether that’s walking past a display window or reading their mail at the breakfast table. As 6.6 billion people currently use smartphones globally, you can rest assured that audiences will be able to access the information they need instantly.

By connecting QR codes directly to chatbot microsites, you can start your customer relationships the right way: by getting to know your customers and their needs. The bot can ask questions, gain feedback, or gather contact information for further messaging.

QR codes can also provide you with insights about your campaign, from who’s scanning your codes to where they’re seeing them and what their most common queries are. This will help you fine-tune your campaigns going forward, placing your QR codes where they are most effective and feeding your bot helpful information.

Static vs. dynamic QR codes

Before you generate your first QR code, you’ll need to understand some of the key differences between types of codes. 

Dynamic QR codes are the most popular choice for businesses, as they can easily be edited to link to different pages as your campaign progresses. Dynamic QR codes point users to a routing system, which reroutes them to a link of your choice. This can be changed in the system at any time.

Static QR codes, on the other hand, can’t be changed after they’ve been generated. The code will point users directly to the link you chose when creating it. 

Static codes can be generated via free online tools, whereas dynamic QR codes are usually a premium or paid feature. Editing a QR code can be a great money saver, however, as your print media can stay in circulation even after the link changes.

How to create your QR-code-to-chatbot campaign

Create your bot microsite

Use a chatbot-building platform like Instabot to build your bot. Plan your conversation flow carefully to pick up from where your users find the QR code and guide them toward the desired action. 

Remember, users prize simplicity at this point, so keep a conversational tone and an easy flow. Test your bot thoroughly before launching it, using both virtual and human testers to ensure a positive user experience.

When creating the URL for your microsite, include unique UTM tags so you can measure conversion rates and analyze data.

Create your QR code

Your URL can be easily converted into a QR code using online tools such as or Simply paste your destination URL into the site, and it will automatically generate a QR code for you to download.

More advanced QR tools allow you to customize your code to include your logo. This is a nice touch, offering credibility and allowing you to maintain a continuous visual identity across print and online media.

Creative ways to use your QR code

Congratulations, you now have a QR code that will take users directly to your helpful bot! The next challenge is deciding where to put your code. It needs to be displayed in high-visibility places, where it will catch potential leads’ eyes and convince them to scan through.

Here are a few creative ways you can display your QR code to grab attention and generate leads.

Business Cards

Be honest, when’s the last time you used a business card? You may pick them up out of habit at events, but in a digital world they’re easy to forget about.

Enter the QR business card: when meeting potential leads, ask them to scan a QR code from a physical card or your phone screen. This will take them to a chatbot conversation that offers your email, website, phone number, and social profiles, and asks them to share their own.



If you’re presenting at a conference or giving a workshop, you can use QR codes to keep in touch with your audience. Add a code to handout materials, or even your PowerPoint presentation, so attendees can quickly scan it and start a conversation with your bot.

This is a great place to incentivize engagement by offering free downloadables or discounts in return for contact details or feedback about your presentation.

Signs and Displays

Foot traffic remains a powerful source of engagement, with display windows, bus stop signs, posters, and billboards all grabbing attention.

Realtors could add a QR code to house sale signs, taking users to a bot that lets them instantly book a viewing. Likewise, a poster in a gym could help users book a trial personal training session via a friendly chatbot.

You have space to get creative with your signs and displays - consider a campaign that taps into its audience’s curiosity, encouraging them to scan the QR code to take a quiz or learn a piece of fun trivia.

Direct mail

If your business sends flyers out to local customers via direct mail, consider including a QR code to unlock an offer or discount. If recipients are keen to capitalize on a free trial, sample, or download, they will be happy to spend a few moments answering questions or giving their contact details.

In-store offers

A QR code at the checkout of a physical store leverages potential leads queuing or waiting for the cashier to ring up their items. The code could lead users to an instant discount that they can use on their purchase in return for a mailing list signup or a review of their shopping experience.

Meet your real-world leads online

The wonders of technology have changed expectations, leading consumers and businesses to expect relevant information at the touch of a button. By combining the instant gratification of a QR code with the personalized experience of a chatbot, your business can bring the digital world into the every day, and exceed expectations on all levels.

If your organization is looking to rapidly gain leads with a chatbot marketing solution, find out more about Instabot and start a free trial today.

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