White-Label Chatbot Platform for Agencies
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/ Add value for your clients
/ Generate new revenue
Adding a comprehensive chatbot strategy for your clients will help you generate new revenue while adding value to your accounts. Our white-label platform is designed specifically for marketing agencies to easily brand the chatbot building process, as well as onboard and manage clients and their chatbots. After it’s launched, the Instabot platform gives valuable analytics that help you optimize and manage client bots over time. We also offer custom pricing and packages to suit your unique needs.
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Add Value for Your Clients
Within 2 weeks, Instabot can show better conversion rates through quantitative results in metrics such as email capture, meetings booked, reduction of support emails, etc. This is value that you can pass on to your clients. We prove results before you ever make a purchase.
Increase Lead Capture
Outperforms lead forms and pop-ups by 33% or more and better capture demographic data
24/7 Real-Time Response
Answer questions about products + services 24/7
Instantly Book Meetings
Books meetings from website straight to team’s calendars
Auto-Qualify + Route Leads
Automatically qualifies leads and routes to the appropriate sales person
Marketing Attribution
See qualified leads by marketing campaign and export to Google Analytics or internal portals
Leads to Higher Client Marketing ROI
(and often doubling leads)
Happier Clients. Better Retention.
New Revenue Stream for Bot Building + Management
After adding chatbot services, agencies are able to build new revenue streams from chatbot building, providing conversational analytics, chatbot optimization, and ongoing natural language processing (NLP), as well as training on conversational marketing tactics.
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White-Label Platform Enhances Your Capabilities + Extends Your Brand
With Instabot, you can easily offer additional services to your clients and extend your brand. Our white-label platform gives you complete control and everything you need to manage your own teams, and your clients’ end-to-end conversational marketing strategies including chatbot design, launch, analytics and optimization.
Apply Your Branding
to the Platform in Minutes
Simply upload your logo and color palette and your branding will automatically be applied to the platform. This allows you to completely brand the bot building process as well as bot analytics. You’ll also be able to brand your URL, email alerts, and more.
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Easily Manage All Your Clients’ Bots + Analytics
Easily manage all your accounts in one place. See each account’s chatbot usage, subscription level, pricing and renewal date. You can also easily add accounts to your agency and streamline billing straight from the platform.
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Manage Your Teams +
Client Users
Quickly add team members within your agency, assign accounts, and track when your team logged in. You can also manage your client users and manage permissions for bot building, reading analytics, or using live chat.
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See the Results for Yourself
Let us build a chatbot for one of your clients for free. Set your KPIs, try it free for 2 weeks and see the results for yourself.
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Why Choose Instabot
Robust +
Intuitive Chatbot Platform
Instabot is robust enough to build powerful bots with sophisticated conversation structures and natural language processing. However, it’s easy enough for your most junior team members to build, launch, and manage. We even have a team to build bots for you. All data collected by Instabot can be exported to CRM, marketing automation, or internal portals.
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Transparent, Comprehensive Bot Analytics to Show Results
Instabot is proven to increase leads, conversions, and personalization for marketing teams. Our platform has fully transparent analytics to ensure value for your clients.
Powerful Natural Language Processing
Instabot allows you to train your bot to organically understand and respond about hundreds of topics with natural language processing (NLP). Our platform also allows you to easily manage the training process, including identifying intents, collecting and organizing training data and ensuring consistent responses. Create more poweful bots and create recurring revenue for training and managing bots.
We’re Here to Help
Our team helps you help your clients. We can be a silent partner, jump on calls and act as a partner, or train your team to get up and running on building and launching bots. Along with our white-label platform, you’ll also receive:
Phone Support Monday—Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
24/7 Email Customer Support
In-Person Training Programs
Team training for platform and bots
Marketing materials to introduce bots to your clients
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