White-Label Chatbot Platform for Agencies
Generate more revenue for your agency and more value for your clients by providing a comprehensive chatbot strategy that increases conversions
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Dedicated Bot Builders
Team of bot consultants available to review and optimize your bots or build them for you
Quickly Customize & Brand
Easily brand the chatbots with your agency or client branding
Flexible + Powerful Platform
Flexible enough for your team or your clients to collaborate, build and launch chatbots
Easily Manage Clients
Easily manage clients bots and analytics in one intuitive platform
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Your Clients Gain Value
Check out our case studies on how Instabot adds value to marketing
Manage Client Bots in One Place
Instabot makes it easy to manage clients across your agency. You can easily see chatbots across all clients and receive alerts for important client events. Our platform is flexible enough for chatbots to be built agency, or client-side, or be used as a collaboration platform, for easy editing and sharing.
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Robust + Intuitive Chatbot Platform
Instabot is robust enough to build powerful bots with sophisticated conversation structures and natural language processing. However, it’s easy enough for your most junior team members to build, launch, and manage. We even have a team to build bots for you. All data collected by Instabot can be exported to CRM, marketing automation, or internal portals.
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Transparent, Comprehensive Bot Analytics to Show Results
Instabot is proven to increase leads, conversions, and personalization for marketing teams. Our platform has fully transparent analytics to ensure value for your clients.
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