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Target messaging to website visitors based on their interaction with marketing campaigns. Build rich profiles of leads and attribute marketing campaigns to prospects.
Better understand the quality and value of the leads you receive through marketing campaigns. As prospects click on ads, emails and other digital campaigns, they are directed to the website where a chatbot provides targeted messaging. The chatbots will then have a conversation with users, gathering demographics preferences and user needs.
Get deep analytics on what campaigns generated the most high value leads. Unlike normal web analytics, you can get direct feedback from prospects which further enhances your understanding of how campaigns perform.
How it Works
Build a Bot + Attribute
Build a chatbot (we’ll even help you!) from our intuitive platform and attribute it to a specific marketing campaign (ads, email, etc.)
User Taps on Ad/Email
As users click on an ad or a link in an email they will be taken to a specific page on your website.
Chatbot Triggered on Your Site
Once the user goes to your website, a chatbot with targeted messaging specific to your campaign is triggered and “talks” to your prospect.
Build Rich User Profiles
As users speak to the bot, all the responses are aggregated and placed into the profile including demographics, preferences, and associated campaigns.
How it Adds Value
No need to change your website, just trigger chatbots to give targeted messaging based on demographics or marketing ads and emails to which they responded.
Understand what marketing campaigns anonymous users have responded to and use campaign attribution to better calculate marketing ROI.
As you collect demographics and preferences from the bot, you have a better idea as to which leads are more valuable, and therefore which campaigns brought in the highest-quality leads.