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Selected Case Studies
See How Fintrux Used Personalization to Enhance Marketing to Diverse Audiences
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TSI Shipping Doubled Leads by Adding Instabot to their Website
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Chris Gromek
Director of Sales & Marketing
Hybrid Tech LLC
Instabot is an incredibly useful tool for lead capture. Setup was user-friendly and professionally guided by the Instabot team. Within minutes of launching on our website, we were capturing leads and employment inquiries. I recommend this tool for every business, small and large.
Kevin Ross
Head of Growth
Bellhop Technologies LLC
We’re blown away by the Instabot platform/support thus far. You guys are building something truly special and going about it in all the right ways, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to work with you!
Emy Kane
Head of Development
Instabot helped energize our campaigns. With an engagement rate of 30%; it was one of our most effective marketing tactics.
Instabot clients report an increase conversions of 30% or greater.
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Use Cases
Lead Generation
Increase the quantity and quality of leads by targeting messaging, auto-qualifying users, and dynamically gathering prospect information.
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Nurture and cultivate your users through the sales funnel to convert them quickly.
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Marketing Attribution
Attribute marketing campaigns, ads, and email campaigns directly to prospects on your website. Give people specific messages based upon what campaign they came from, and ask them dynamic questions.
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Onboarding + Feedback
Gather feedback effectively. Make a dynamic survey that adapts to how users answer questions, personalizing their experience and asking the right questions at the right time.
Human Resources
Easily pre-qualify candidates and collect valuable information. You can also use the bot to explain benefits or vacation policy, creating greater efficiency in your human resource organization.
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Information Distribution
Share information with people as they need it: give auxiliary information about your pricing, product specs, service requirements, prep lists, or troubleshooting issues.
Automation Empowers Your Marketing
the old way
the new way
Website content is static for all visitors
Personalize User Experience
Instabot understands where users came from, what marketing campaign they received, and their preferences. Instabot then guides users through the site based on this information.
Visitors have to search site to find information
Speed + Increase Conversions
Users ask Instabot questions for information they need and Instabot provides it instantly.
Rely on forms to collect info and follow up manually
Enhance Marketing
Instabot notes the conversation with the user and auto-routes the lead to the right sales team based upon the user’s responses.
Go through a training to explain product onboarding
Augment Onboarding
Instabot can guide people through your product or services and answer any questions along the way.
  • Create Efficiency
  • Remove Friction
  • Speed Sales Cycle