How to Use Instabot
Use Cases, Platforms + Integrations
Use Cases
These are some of the ways our clients leverage Instabot
Lead Generation
Increase the quantity and quality of leads by targeting messaging, auto-qualifying users, and dynamically gathering prospect information.
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Nurture and cultivate your users through the sales funnel to convert them quickly.
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Marketing Attribution
Attribute marketing campaigns, ads, and email campaigns directly to prospects on your website. Give people specific messages based upon what campaign they came from, and ask them dynamic questions.
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Onboarding + Feedback
Gather feedback effectively. Make a dynamic survey that adapts to how users answer questions-personalizing their experience and asking the right questions at the right time.
Human Resources
Easily pre-qualify candidates and collect valuable information. You can also use the bot to explain benefits or vacation policy, creating greater efficiency in your human resource organization.
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Information Distribution
Share information with people as they need it: give auxiliary information about your pricing, product specs, service requirements, prep lists, or troubleshooting issues.
Overnight Customer Support
Do you get the same 10 questions every day? Set the bot on a timer when your customer support team is away. The bot will answer common questions and pass other questions on to your team.
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Mobile Web & In-App
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Email & Social Media
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Push Notifications
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