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chatbots forconversions
Increase conversions. Understands your user’s needs, provide information, and convert them quickly.
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Understand Your Users
Automatically have dynamic conversations to easily explain more about your products and services.
Create targeted messages for different demographics of your users and prospects, all without having to change or update your website.
Each conversation is time-stamped and dated; each user response is kept in the unique user profile so you can build robust profiles of your users over time.
Provide Information + Convert
Instabot easily answers common questions and directs users to specific pages in the website or mobile app.
Instabot knows when users come to your site and how often they come. Use a series of Instabots to take your users through the conversion funnel; and send the right message at the right time.
After nurturing conversations, push users to conversions — demo, sign-up, purchase, and more.
Get Deep Insight + Analytics
See nuanced details, demographics, and preferences of your users.
Develop rich profiles of your users as they visit your site and discover what they are looking for.
Auto-create segments so you can develop personalized email marketing campaigns, or have your teams reach out with targeted messaging.
All information can be downloaded into Excel or pushed into your CRM systems or proprietary portal through our API.