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chatbots forlead generation
Increase the quantity and quality of leads. Enhance information about your prospects, so that you can re-target and nurture leads
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Chatbots Outperform Contact Forms
Our clients have seen an increase in leads on their website by up to 33%, by adding a chatbots to their site, as compared to traditional web contact forms.
Chatbots can attribute the prospect came from a marketing campaign, email, or ad, and continue the targeted messaging from the campaign—all without changing site copy or adding landing pages. Make your website customized for prospects from different sectors and demographics.
Better targeting and dynamic questions leads to higher conversions.
Educate + Auto-Qualify Leads
Answer common questions so you can educate your prospects without updating your website.
Ask dynamic questions; all responses are immediately time-stamped and dated and added to a user profile. These nuanced details and demographics can be sent to your CRM, internal platforms, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.
Set-up a series of questions, so that leads automatically get sent to the appropriate sales resource (e.g. by geography, sectors, etc.), or are pushed to another action if the prospect is not a good lead.
Chatbots Are There (when you can’t be...)
Set your bot on a timer for times when you’re not there to talk or let your bot handle initial conversations and pass promising leads on to you.
Automatically create segments within your prospects and send them to your specific mailing or drip campaigns.
Allows you to passively collect leads and prioritize your sales resources wisely.