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Instabot allows you to build and launch a chatbot on your website in minutes. Then you can easily leverage artificial intelligence to make more robust chatbots that have organic and sophisticated conversations.

Instabot has a toolset designed to use a field of artificial intelligence (AI) called natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). NLP aids your chatbot in understanding humans’ natural language and allows it to respond organically. See our Introduction to NLP.

Instabot is flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-manage, making it the best AI chatbot platform available for marketing professionals.

NLP Makes Your Bot More Powerful
Get up and running quickly with a decision-tree based chatbot and then layer in conversational AI so you can build powerful chatbots. AI Chatbots:
Understand human responses
Respond more naturally
Learn to answer hundreds of questions over time
Easy NLP Library
Start using NLP right from the beginning with our NLP Library. We have pre-trained intents you can use to determine what your user is asking about then decide the appropriate answer for your business. For example, use Instabot’s NLP to ensure that your bot understands when people ask questions about pricing in different ways (i.e., “How much is it?” “What is the price?” “Cost”) Instabot will automatically understand the question; you simply add the response that works best for your business, such as, “Pricing can range, but starts at $1,500 per month.” This makes using AI quick and simple from the day you launch your bot. Combine this with our Conditional Logic tools to make a robust and powerful bot. Try it for Free for 2 Weeks!
Connect to Dialogflow Instantly
Instantly connect Instabot to your Google Dialogflow account and leverage industry leading natural language processing. Instabot will send conversational data to Dialogflow allowing you to train your bot more easily and create new intents. On top of this, Instabot allows you to layer additional control around NLP responses, provide multiple choice answers to particular intents, and get valuable conversational analytics to improve your chatbots. This makes Dialogflow chatbots easier to build, launch, manage, and optimize over time, while still leveraging strong artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using Instabot Improves Dialogflow Experience:
  • Build and launch an AI chatbot quickly and easily
  • Better control over NLP Responses
  • Intent Suggestion Tool
  • Quicker training
  • Clear + transparent conversational analytics
Connect to Any NLP
Instabot is platform agnostic, and can connect to any natural language processing API including Google’s Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Facebook’s, and Amazon’s Lex, among others.
How it Works
Instabot lets you use NLP and ML in an easy, intuitive, and flexible way.
Build a Bot
Use the Instabot platform to easily build a decision-tree based chatbot, or start with one of our templates. Qualified businesses can have the Instabot team build a custom chatbot for free. You can then launch the bot on your website.
Try it for Free for 2 Weeks!
Connect to NLP
Connect to Instabot’s Easy NLP Library, integrate with Dialogflow, or use another provider such as Facebook’s
Generate Training Data + Intents
Use intents and train data that you already have. Instabot can generate training data for you by collecting messages from your website visitors. Over time, Instabot can aggregate messages and suggest intents.
Launch Your AI Chatbot
Use your AI-powered Instabot to answer common questions, curate content, guide users, book meetings, and capture contacts.
Review Analytics + Train with ML
Instabot provides conversational analytics so you can see how your bot is performing. Validate and approve how the bot talks so it can learn how to better respond over time. Leverage machine learning (ML) to have even more accurate responses.
Optimize Your AI Bot
Experiment with new language, different conversational structures and add new intents over time. This will help you optimize your bot and better achieve your conversational KPIs.
Setting Expectations + Timing

It’s important to set solid expectations and allocate an appropriate amount of time to create your AI chatbot. Be wary of companies that claim to have extensive and accurate NLP that is specific to your company out-of-the-box. Chatbots that achieve KPIs, have industry-specific NLP, and provide a good customer experience require thoughtful work and excellent data. Here are some things you should know:

Will my AI Instabot automatically understand what people are saying and respond appropriately as soon as it launches? No. Any chatbot that leverages AI and NLP must be trained. The time to train your bot depends on many factors like: the availability of appropriate training data, the diversity of questions asked of the bot, the knowledge the bot should encompass, the similarity of intents, and the time you invest in managing the training process.

How much training data is necessary? What training data is appropriate? For optimal results, we recommend having 100–200 utterances for each intent that you add. If you have less, the accuracy of your bot responses may be poor. What is considered appropriate training data really is unique to each client. Clients have used live chat transcripts, text messages, emails, sales records, etc. We have found that non-messaging-based data (such as emails) is not very good training data for a chatbot. If you don’t have training data, no worries! Simply let Instabot collect it for you and train your bot with NLP over time.

Should I train my chatbot before I launch? You should train your bot before launch if you have a very good understanding of how people will use your bot and their expectations for responses. You must also have an appropriate quantity of high-quality training data (see above). If you don’t have this kind of data, we recommend launching a decision tree based chatbot with Instabot so we can collect training data and suggest intents. You can easily add NLP or AI to your bot later on!

What kind of NLP is available in Instabot? You can use our NLP library or leverage any NLP provider through Instabot; it is platform agnostic. We usually recommend Dialogflow as it’s easy-to-use and free for most companies.

Why use Instabot for an AI chatbot? Why not just build a bot through Watson, etc.? With Instabot, building, launching and managing an AI-based chatbot is much easier. Our customers love our intuitive builder, comprehensive analytics and great user experience, all at a very affordable price, designed for both experienced bot builders and first-timers. The best way to know for sure is to start with our 2-week free trial. We love when people compare us head-to-head with other platforms! You’ll be able to see quantitatively that we outperform and why we’re the best AI chatbot platform for marketers.

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