Save time with templates
These bot templates come pre-built so all the hard work is already done. To get started, browse through the templates below, pick one, customize it, and start using bot in no time.
Auto-Assign to Group Template
Use this template to understand how to set up auto-assignment routing to groups for live chats.
Live Chat Template
Direct a website visitor to an available live agent, or allow them to email a support request.
Lead Generation
Collect name and email address to qualify visitors of your website.
Schedule a Meeting
Allow visitors to book meeting directly with connected Google or Office 365 calendars.
Customer Support
Provide answers to FAQs and an available channel for providing further support.
Pre-qualify candidates and collect their resumes.
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Collect feedback about how likely your users are to recommend you to friends and colleagues.
Content Download
Offer your visitors a way to download content (eg: case-study) while also capturing the lead.
Visitor Contact Information
Collect a visitor's contact info to create a sales lead.
Request a Quote
Collect requests from your visitors such as a price quote for your services.
Collect Brand Awareness Feedback
Gather feedback from your target market on their sentiment about your brand or product.
Target Market Demographics
Collect information about your target market.
Vendor Contact Information
Collect the contact information of your vendors and organize it all in one place.