Save time with templates
These bot templates come pre-built so all the hard work is already done. To get started, browse through the templates below, pick one, customize it, and start using bot in no time.
Text Messaging Live Chat Handover
Route inquiries to a live agent, via text!
Lead Generation
Collect the names and email addresses of visitors to your website.
Schedule a Meeting
Visitors can book a meeting directly with your team using connected Google or Office 365 calendars.
Customer Support
Provide answers to FAQs and an available channel for providing further support.
Live Chat
Allow users to initiate a live chat session with someone from your team.
Pre-qualify candidates, collect resumes, or applications. Great for career pages or education.
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Collect benchmark feedback about how likely your users are to recommend your business.
Gated Content Download
Offer your visitors a way to download content (e.g. an e-book) while also capturing the lead.
Request a Quote
Collect relevant details from your visitors in order to generate a price quote for your services.
Collect Brand Awareness Feedback
Gather feedback from your target market about their sentiment regarding your brand or service.
Target Market Demographics
Collect information about your target market.
Group Auto-Assignment to Live Chat
Direct live chat inquiries to the right team using auto-assignment to groups.
Text Messaging Lead Capture
Basic flow to gain authorization from an end-user to receive text messages from your business.
Text Messaging Lead Qualification
Engage and qualify a lead via text messaging.