Attribution Bots: Next Level Marketing
Marketing  -  Feb 01, 2018

What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution, in short, is the science of determining what marketing campaign is driving conversions. Attribution helps identify touch-points that lead users to a specific end-point, say, for example, which path they followed online to find out about your company and arrive at your website.

As a business person, you’re likely already utilizing marketing attribution--employing web analytics, to find out which campaigns bring visitors to your site (email banner, social messaging, etc.).

However, with current methods of attribution, you’re only seeing numbers of visitors or leads (e.g. you can see 2M users came from paid search, and 1M from organic, but as your leads come in, do you know which user is which?

Why is Marketing Attribution in Instabot Different?

In our new release of Instabot, you can tie chatbots directly to a URL or any link you share, extending your attribution data into Instabot. There are three reasons that marketing attribution through bots is superior:

1.)    Customize User Experiences: You can tailor experiences and attribute anonymous users on your website to marketing campaigns, advertisements, and e-mails. Communicate directly according to their needs and interests, increasing the engagement and conversions to action because you’re meeting their needs and addressing user interests from the very beginning—all without updating your website.

2.)    Create Rich Profiles + See User Quality:  Instabot can then ask them questions about their preferences and demographics, which give you information as to the quality of the lead or visitor.  Build upon this knowledge by asking questions to gain user preferences, allowing you to build rich information on prospects from each marketing campaign. You’ll not only know who came from a specific campaign, but if the lead was valuable.

3.)    Auto-Segment + Qualify: You can then easily run reports about demographics within each marketing campaign (e.g. how many SMB clients came from this marketing campaign). You can then auto-qualify leads and send each lead to the right sales person immediately.

At Instabot, we are currently using attribution and custom URL parameters to track visitors and which of our ads are bringing them to site. In addition to utilizing ad attribution, we have built chatbots that will boost the ads in sending targeted messaging to users depending on their search inquiries and which ads bring them to our site. The bots are helping to see which ads are most effective in yielding conversion on our site, and the quality of leads coming to site from our advertisements.

With attribution bots, we’re finding double the engagement as compared to a standard message. For example, if a user searches online for a website chatbot, and is able to immediately interact with a chatbot that will help them learn more and get started with building a chatbot, it reduces the need for a user to search the site more information, which they can receive right from within the chatbot conversation. Additionally, our chatbots can do the job of finding the right information for each user and pushing users to action, speeding up the marketing funnel. We are able to gather user information as soon as they arrive on our site, and follow up with them soon after to address their individual needs.

Want to See Marketing Attribution Bots in Action?

Just ask—we’re happy to show you how they work, or you can always use them for your company with a free 2 week trial.

Are there any cool features you’d like to see implemented in Instabot? Email us at [email protected] and let us know!

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