Harness the Power of OpenAI with Instabot
Artificial Intelligence  -  Feb 01, 2023

The OpenAI Revolution

With OpenAI’s explosion onto the technology scene and the launch of the breathtakingly human-like chat application, ChatGPT (powered by OpenAI), many have begun to wonder if artificial intelligence will eventually steal their jobs. People seem to be of two minds here: there are some who look at this coming tidal wave with fear, and others with excitement as the new revolution propels them towards development and upping technology skills. Indeed, all is not bleak: it’s predicted that AI will actually create 97 million new jobs by 2025. 

If you’re one who’s eager to see what OpenAI can do to power up your marketing game via chatbots, look no further. With Instabot’s fully customizable script node, available at our Advanced tier, you can fully integrate with OpenAI’s robust API playground. Create bots that can answer general knowledgebase FAQs, correct grammar or passages of grammar, create summaries of longer bodies of text, and more. 

This line of technology is rapidly developing, and we’ll be sharing more exciting innovations related to AI coming from Instabot in the near future.

Why use an Instabot and OpenAI integration?

Instabot affords you all the value that comes from our bots and easy-to-use bot builder along with the extensibility of OpenAI’s rapidly expanding playground of applications and APIs. 

1. Launch an OpenAI bot with your branding on your website. You can “white label” the intelligence and tune responses that fit with your brand tone. Give our example bot a try here.

2. Centralize your contacts in one place. See who’s interacting with your bots. Get full profile information, metadata, and the entire chat transcript stored with the user profile.

3. Create logic flows to pre-qualify incoming traffic. Before launching any OpenAI apps, you can ensure leads are prequalified and routed to the appropriate experience.

Need help with upping your AI game?

We get it — AI can be intimidating. OpenAI is doing a ton to make this new revolutionary tech more accessible, but it’s still early days. You can download our guide to some of the basic principles of AI and natural language processing here. Even better? We’ll help point you in the right direction with our friendly and responsive service team.

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