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Best Practices for Engagement with Teaser Messages + Automatic Launch

The Instabot team is sharing best practices based on analytics we’ve collected over the years. Our first lesson will guide you through best practices with teaser messages and automatic launch.

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Intuitive Design v. Chatbots: ​​​​​​​Why Product Managers Misunderstand the Value of Chatbots

Studies show that Product Managers are slower to advocate for the use of bot technology in their companies--what's the deal?

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5 Reasons Chatbots Outperform Leads

Need a spring in your lead capture? One of our Fortune 500 clients experienced 142% increase in contacts captured. We reviewed the difference between why chatbots worked so well as compared to using lead generation forms alone. Learn why. 

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Message in a Bot-tle: Chatbots to Rescue & Convert Site Visitors

Are users getting stuck in “site purgatory”? Here are some ways you can deploy a chatbot to lead them to safety (and conversion)!

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Get to the Point!

Chatbots allow you to converse with users, but you’re better off getting straight to the point.

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Chatbots + COVID-19

COVID requires a new normal, which will require different technologies and skills to be successful. While it is impossible to know all the changes ahead, the team at Instabot is sharing some of the digital transformation by companies that they are seeing firsthand, and how these companies are employing chatbots during that transformation.

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