Instabot Groups: Streamline Leads and Boost Satisfaction
Chatbot  -  Aug 13, 2022

Live chat can change the game for your organization, bringing a helpful human touch to your communications and allowing specialist agents to take over from powerful chatbots at the click of a button.

This can benefit your business across departments: while users seeking customer support can quickly find the answers they need, potential customers can outline their needs and be directed to the right solution.

In both cases, first impressions are everything. Live chat users expect fast responses and helpful solutions, so a lengthy waiting time or multiple handoffs can soon cause frustration.

That’s where our new live chat groups feature comes in, allowing you to assign users to the right group of agents to address their needs. 

Here are just a few ways in which live chat groups can improve your conversations and boost customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Your Lead Pipeline

A lead pipeline is a way of looking at your lead generation process, allowing leads to be converted more efficiently. It maps out the steps that prospects go through before making a purchase, and helps you guide them toward a conversion.

At each of these stages, the conversations need to be different. There’s not much point setting up a demo or free trial for someone who’s already in the conversion stage, as they’re likely to have already tried the product. Likewise, discussing pricing plans with someone in the awareness stage will look too much like a hard sell!

Our groups feature helps you meet leads where they are. By creating a group for each stage, you can quickly triage enquiries and assign them to the correct group, allowing live chat agents to pick up and productively continue conversations.

Increasing Staff Efficiency

When your specialist sales and support agents are asking basic questions and handing conversations over, they’re not doing what they do best. Live chat groups let your agents focus on finding solutions while a designated agent or chatbot takes care of triage.

With manual group assignments, one agent can act as a switchboard operator, asking questions to help understand a customer enquiry, and placing them in the right group.

Increase efficiency even more with automatic group assignment: this can be set up within a bot flow, allowing a powerful AI chatbot to ask the initial questions and assign customers to an appropriate group based on keywords and phrases in their answers.

Either way, your live chat agents can get back to providing a human touch and solving problems, confident that the right customers will be sent their way.

Facilitating Smooth Handoffs

Have you ever been frustrated by having to repeat your problem every time you get handed off to a new support agent?

With live chat groups, customers can enjoy a much smoother experience, with agents monitoring conversations within their assigned groups before taking over. This allows agents to quickly get to grips with an inquiry so they can jump right in and offer a solution.

Live chat groups also drive down wait times for customer service at scale. While assigning a conversation to a singular agent can result in long queues, assigning it to a group means a number of suitable agents are available to take over the conversation. If one agent is busy, another can step in.

Improve Your Live Chat With Instabot

Our live chat groups feature is due to go live shortly, helping you hold more effective, efficient conversations with your leads and customers.

Our Standard plan will allow you to create up to three custom groups, while our Advanced plan allows five custom groups and Enterprise allows unlimited groups. Whether you’re organizing your leads into sales pipeline stages or simply separating new leads from customer support, you can find a plan that suits your needs.

If you’re a business looking to optimize conversations and create a stellar customer experience, learn more about Instabot and start your free trial today.

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