A Guide to Chatbots and GA4
Chatbot  -  Jul 18, 2022

Promoting a product without analytics is like driving a car with your eyes shut. You know where you’re trying to get to but you don’t know where you are, how far you have to go, or what potential problems lie ahead.

Google’s Universal Analytics has been many marketers’ tool of choice when it comes to understanding audience interactions. However, with UA due to be phased out in 2023, it’s time to focus on the newer GA4 for gaining valuable insight - especially when it comes to chatbots.

GA4 can provide information about how many users are interacting with your bot, how long people spend chatting, and what the most popular scripts and features are.

However, did you know that chatbots and GA4 can also work together to help you understand the quality of leads from different sources and campaigns, and personalize your messaging accordingly?

Read on to discover how chatbots and Google Analytics can work together to provide deep-dive data direct from your prospects, helping you understand where your campaigns are succeeding and how you can make them work harder.

The Benefits of Google Analytics Chatbot Integration

Chatbots excel at gathering rich qualitative and quantitative data directly from prospects. Consider two potential leads, one clicking through to your landing page from an email link and another from a paid ad. By triggering a chatbot conversation, you can learn which is the stronger lead, as well as gather information about their demographics and preferences.

Now imagine this happening over a month: a rich stream of data directly from the source, from which you can start to see patterns emerge via GA4. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see which campaign is bringing in better leads, not to mention differences in those leads’ backgrounds and needs.

How to Use Google Analytics Chatbot Data

Firstly, knowing which campaigns generate the most valuable traffic can help you increase your ROI, spending less on less effective campaigns and focussing on those with a proven track record.

Furthermore, the data your bot has gathered about demographics and user preferences can help you personalize future campaigns to target quality leads. For example, if you see that a significant number of email leads are owners of startup businesses, you can tailor your email messaging to resonate with them.

Meanwhile, bots can help you target your messaging to individual audiences without changing your site content. Just trigger your chatbot to give different targeted messaging based on where your site traffic clicked through from. That way, startup business owners who click through from email will be greeted with relevant and valuable messaging.

Once you’ve noticed patterns appearing in your chatbot GA data, you can start to build data-driven audience profiles for future campaigns, packed with information about demographics and pain points. This will make sure you start on the right foot with future targeting.

How to Integrate Your Bot with GA4

Super-powering your bot with GA4 analytics is simple with Instabot. All you need to do is build a custom chatbot on our easy-to-use platform, then attribute it to a particular campaign. This could be paid ads, email marketing, social media, QR codes, or any other source you use to drive traffic.

When a user clicks on a link from one of your campaigns, they will be taken directly to a page that triggers a bot conversation, targeted to the campaign they interacted with. This conversation will include messaging specific to that campaign and gather more information about the user.

User responses are automatically collected, aggregated, and stored in a unique profile, ready for you to analyze in GA4. Here you can compile and compare information about users’ roles and industries, demographics, and particular requirements.

Super-Power Your Conversations

GA4 powers personalized communications across campaigns, and chatbots are no exception. Let your bot become your data expert, helping you collect and analyze information that will improve your marketing attribution and make sure your campaigns convert.

If you’re a business or agency looking to gain deeper analytic insights into your campaigns, learn more about Instabot and start your free trial today.

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