How Chatbots Can Make Your Agency Services Shine
Chatbot  -  Jul 27, 2022

As of 2022, there are 6,139 digital advertising agencies in the USA alone. This makes for a big pond, so it’s no wonder that many agencies are specializing in their services to stand out from the crowd.

While many agencies take on clients from across professions, plenty are finding success by focusing their efforts on a specialist area of industry. This allows agencies to customize their services to meet clients’ specific needs.

This in-depth knowledge can lead to compelling packages including all the right options for a particular industry. Agencies benefit by offering comprehensive services including landing pages, email funnels, social media services, and more for a simple recurring cost.

But what if you added a chatbot into the mix? By building powerful and customizable bots for your clients, you can help them with lead generation, customer service, and advanced analytics, putting your agency at the top of clients’ shortlists, and putting money in your pocket too.

Read on to discover Instabot’s white-label platform for agencies can grab attention and put your services ahead of the competition. 

Clients Expect Conversational Marketing

We believe that bots are the future for marketing and lead generation. In 2021 alone, 88% of consumers chatted with bots and 70% found the experience to be a positive one. People are becoming comfortable chatting with AI to get the solutions they need, and chatbots are set to become an expectation across market sectors.

Customers prefer chatbots to human helplines for their speed and simplicity. With instant answers becoming a core consumer concern, your agency’s clients will feel reassured that you can set them up with a solution that puts them ahead of the curve.

Chatbots Grow With Businesses

Agencies focusing on clients across one or two key industries can benefit from building a small number of industry-focused chatbot templates for their clients to choose from. For example, an agency catering to insurance companies could offer a sales quote bot, an appointment booking bot, and a customer service bot.

These basic bots can then be easily customized to reflect your clients’ changing concerns as their businesses evolve. For example, as a business launches more products, the sales quote bot could help potential customers find the right solution for their needs.

Chatbots Create Recurring Revenue

If you’re looking to include a chatbot in your agency packages, it’s important to remember that AI bots require regular tracking, training, and adjustment over time to optimize performance. By offering these services to your clients, you can gain recurring revenue from your bots.

You could also offer a regular reporting service, taking analytic data from your chatbot dashboard and GA4, and adding commentary that will help your clients understand their customers’ most common needs and questions.

Templates Can Be Upsold and Resold

Upselling templates can increase your revenue through economies of scale. Use Instabot’s white label platform to create templates bespoke to your client's industry, then roll those out again and again to new clients. This way you can increase your profits each time without any added investment.

For example one of our clients is a marketing agency that caters specifically to dentists. They used Instabot to create a bot template as an upsell for their clients. Once the template was created, they were able to resell it again and again without any extra work.

Clients Can See For Themselves

There’s no better way to demonstrate the benefits of chatbot to potential clients than adding one to your own site. That way they can both find answers to their own questions and visualize their customers’ experiences.

Build a chatbot on your landing page and link to it from social media and paid ads. That way customers searching for a specialist agency will immediately experience one of the perks of your packages. 

Make sure your bot promotes itself, reminding users that they too can benefit from AI technology by partnering with your brand.

Boost Your Services With a Powerful Bot

Digital marketing is always on the move, evolving alongside customers’ expectations. Adding a chatbot to your agency offerings is a smart way to move with the times, and take your potential clients along for the ride. With Instabot, powerful chatbots are easy to build and impressive to use. Find out for yourself with a free trial!

If your agency is looking for new ways to stand out and increase conversions, why not white label Instabot chatbots and add them to your services? Learn more about Instabot and start your free trial today.


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