Video Conference in Instabot
Video  -  Mar 12, 2021


COVID has rapidly changed the business landscape, requiring a huge digital transformation for all businesses around the world. With the removal of handshakes, offices, and in-person meetings, it is imperative that companies respond immediately and adapt sales and customer support processes to meet their prospects and clients’ current needs. Instabot is helping our clients around the globe to move quickly, transform, and find cost efficiencies and sales improvements along the way.

Instabot Launching Video Conferencing

To help in this quest, we’ve launched Instabot Video Conferencing. With Instabot Video Conferencing, you can access video conferencing from within your chatbot. Your website visitors can schedule video conference meetings straight from your website. With our calendar integration you’ll receive alerts when the meeting begins. Admin users can start the video conference on a secure peer-to-peer network directly from within the Conversations Portal. There is no installation or set-up required. Instabot allows you to move interested, qualified prospects to a “face-to-face” meeting in seconds.

Why Use Video Conference in Chatbots
Video conferencing can be used for the following reasons:

·       Sales Meetings: Move your prospects from live chat to an “in-person” meeting. This can personalize your customers experience. Instabot can qualify users, allow them to book an appointment, or request a video conference on the go.

·       Customer Support: When users have important questions, escalate live chat to an in-person meeting so that the support team can easily talk customers through troubleshooting or solving issues.

How it Works:
You can start your video conference in two quick steps!

1.     Take Over the Conversation: As users are speaking to your bot, click “Take over” to take control of the conversation.



2.) Click the Video Camera Icon: At the bottom of the conversation, click the video camera icon and you’ll immediately be connected by video conference within the portal.


Interested in learning more? Be part of the Beta! We’re providing a small number of customers free access for 1 month. If you want try video conferencing, email

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