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Conversion Chatbotsfor Websites
Instabot is a conversion chatbot that you can add to your existing website. Easily create, launch, and edit your bot on the fly as well as see rich analytics in real-time. Instabot understands users’ needs, provides valuable information, and increases conversions.
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Improve Website Conversions with Chatbots
Adding Instabot has been proven to increase engagements, retention and conversion rates. Instabot tells users information at the right place, and at the right time so they can convert. Beyond this you can improve navigation and onboarding, gather user feedback and more.
Our chatbots are extremely robust and powerful integrating with your CRM, inventory system, or website via REST APIs.
Instabot can be integrated into your website in 20 minutes or less. We can even do it for you!
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Build Chatbots For Your Website on The Fly
Our web portal allows you to build, edit and launch conversations in minutes. Our platform was designed to be easy and intuitive, so that even your most junior and non-technical team members can manage your bots. You can also quickly change the look, icons, and colors of the chatbot and decide where and when it should be launched.
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Gain Valuable Insight: Deep Bot Analytics
Collect responses from your users and save them to their individual profiles for future campaign targeting. Easily export user contact information, demographic data, and preferences into Excel. Unlike other bot-platforms, Instabot is completely transparent.
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