Add a chatbot to your Shopify site

Instabot is a conversion chatbot that can be added to your Shopify site in minutes. Instabot asks and answers important questions so you can turn browsing into sales. You can also connect our bot via REST APIs to your inventory, CRM system, and more.


Target & Convert Customers

Turn browsing into sales. Trigger conversion chatbots to interact with your customers while they're on your site at key points in the process.

Prevent cart abandonment by learning about user preferences, promoting the right products, and answering questions in real-time. Then have Instabot direct them to the right place on your site. 

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Automate Customer Support

Assist customers around the clock with a customer support chatbot.

Add in basic product and service questions, and send more complicated questions straight to a person. Have Instabot answer questions about shipping, sizing, and more. Reduce barriers to purchase by helping your customers all day, everyday.


No Technical Experience Required

Whether you're a Marketing Manager or a summer intern, Instabot is user friendly and easy to build, manage, and edit.

Once built and designed, you can determine how you want Instabot to launch. You can deploy the chatbot based on user behavior: on 30 second delay, button push, or when someone taps the back button. 

Brand-Powered Customization

Let Instabot be your best brand ambassador and represent your brand voice and style in every way! 

Customize the logo, colors, background, and more. Our customization features allows Instabot to fit seamlessly into your Shopify website.


Let's Get Analytical


Gain insights beyond your usual engagement metrics. See data on conversation metrics such as most popular selections, questions, and more! You can also A/B test your Instabots to optimize the user experience and conversions. 

Understand your Customers

Collect responses from your customers and save them to their individual profiles for future campaign targeting.

Easily export customer contact information, demographic data, and preferences into Excel. Unlike other bot-platforms, Instabot is completely transparent.