Shiny new features round-up 🤖🌟
Chatbot  -  Nov 15, 2021

Based on feedback we’ve received from the Instabot community, our team of helpful humans have been hard at work updating our platform and building shiny new features for our bots – so you can better connect with your users and multiply your conversion rate. Check them out below.

Connect with Facebook Audiences

We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re really excited to share our new and easy-to-use Facebook integration.

Now you can launch chatbots on your Facebook pages to connect with prospective and existing customers on the world’s biggest social media network. Build a new channel for your sales funnel. Improve brand awareness. And with Instabot capable of intelligently handling multiple user queries simultaneously and instantly – 24/7 – offer a uniquely personalized user experience.

This feature is available in our Standard plan and above.

Connect with Users and Swiftly Troubleshoot 

Based on feedback we’ve received from the Instabot community, we’ve updated our live chat takeover function to include screensharing functionality.

During a live chat, you can now ask users to share their screens with you so you can see what they are seeing and swiftly troubleshoot issues live. You can use this feature to also deliver real-time demos. And if you’re meticulous about records, you can download live chat conversations to better understand the issues your users are facing – and what you can do to improve CX.

This feature is available in our Standard plan and above.

Control the Volume

We know that sometimes people want an uninterrupted browsing experience. That’s why we’ve created a new sound alert setting option – one which gives you the ability to turn on or turn off the notification sound your bot makes when it greets users. 

This feature is available on all of our pricing plans.

Protect Sensitive Information

We’re worked hard to design a white label chatbot platform for agencies – one which allows you to easily brand the chatbot building process, and onboard and manage clients and their chatbots. With our most recent update, you can now hide billing information from your clients.

Staying Ahead of the Curve 

At Instabot, we’re constantly looking to improve our bots – and one of the best ways we can do that is by listening to you. We’d love to hear from you about any updates or features that you’re eager to see us implement. Please get in touch.

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